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26.04.2023 - 30.04.2023

As dharma practitioners, we may ask ourselves how to bring our spiritual life into harmony with the reality of the business world.

How might we bring consciousness to business transactions?
How do we walk the path of understanding and compassion during our working days at the office?
How can we practice as part of a collective in non-spiritual contexts?
How can we sow the seeds of mindfulness in our business and civic organisations?

By cultivating true mindfulness grounded in Buddhist principles we may change our perception of the organisations to whom we dedicate our vital energies.
We envision that people may encounter each other respectfully — even lovingly — and pursue meaningful goals at work.

In this retreat we will share our paths and experiences.
We will explore — through actual group practice in the retreat community — methods and practices for building mindfulness in collectives.

With the Mindful Business Commitment we will offer attendees a set of aspirational ethical principles designed to support us in our daily business and help us engage mindfully within organisations.

We will explore a variety of queries, such as:
- How can mindfulness be integrated into everyday work?
- What interventions have worked in organisations?
- How can our organisations help our environment heal?
- What can we learn from organisations that put mindfulness at their core?
- When am I ready to share mindfulness practices with my organisation?
- How do we view the widely varied activities flying under the flag of "mindfulness" in our organisations?
- What effects can cultivation of mindfulness have on business goals, ethical principles and corporate culture?

We welcome the rich variety of questions, insights and conundrums that participants bring with them.
Join us in charting a course toward more mindfulness in our businesses, nonprofits, clubs and communities.

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Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt, PhD, studied Economics in St. Gallen and Geneva, Switzerland. He now works as a coach, management consultant, visiting lecturer, meditation teacher and author. He spent two years living in Plum Village, where he became a member of the Order of Interbeing. He initiated the network “Achtsame Wirtschaft“ (“Mindful Economy”, www.achtsame-wirtschaft.de). Kai’s most recent bo...



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