Regular Events

You are most welcome to participate in the following weekly events without prior registration. However, throughout the year there are times when these weekly activities are cancelled due to special retreats or when the EIAB is closed. So please contact us before you come, or check our calendar:

Mindfulness Days: Weekly on Sundays we hold a Day of Mindfulness. The schedule is as follows:




Live Dharma Talk by a resident Dharma Teacher


Walking meditation


Formal Lunch


Total relaxation (a lying down meditation)


Dharma sharing (a group sharing about our practice)

The day ends at around 16:00hr. We welcome day visitors. Registration is not required, and there is no cost incurred for the day participation, but donation is greatly appreciated.

Basic Mindfulness for Daily Living (The Waldbröl Sangha) : We offer an evening of mindfulness every Wednesday evening, from 19:00–21:00. We practice sitting and walking meditation and have time for group sharing. Each evening Wednesday will concentrate on a different aspect of mindfulness, e.g. mindful eating, mindful speech, the Five Mindfulness Trainings, etc. This evening is open to everyone. We meet in the meditation hall of the Great Compassion Temple, to the right of the Ashoka building (the big building).

Walking Meditation: You are welcome to join us in our daily schedule of walking meditation at 11:00 (except Mondays, our lazy day).

Sitting Meditation and Sutra Recitation: You are welcome to join us most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 17:00 for a 30 minute sitting meditation followed by sutra reading or Touching the Earth. Women are invited to meditate with the nuns in the Buddha Hall of the Great Compassion Temple, while men are invited to meditate with the monks in the Ashoka Hall of the Ashoka building.