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    Drawing on the wealth of the Buddha’s teaching, we offer a complete program of training in concrete methods that relieve suffering and promote happiness and peace in ourselves and in the world..

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  • Christmas Eve Celebration


    with the nuns and monks of the EIAB

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Course with Dr. Kai Romhardt and active members of the Network for Mindful Business As dharma practitioners, we may ask ourselves how to bring our spiritual life in harmony with the reality of the business world. How might we bring consciousness to business transactions? How do we walk the path of understanding and compassion during our working days at the office? How can we practice as part of a collective in non-religious contexts? How can we sow the seeds of mindfulness in our business and civic organizations? Language: English Conditions: EIAB-daily rates plus dana for course instructor
With: Dr. Kai Romhardt

August 2020

Summerretreat 2020

We invite you to our great summer retreat 2020

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