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Thầy Pháp Lượng has departed from us ...

On Wednesday, 24 July our Brother Thầy Pháp Lượng drowned in Biggesee lake. He died attempting to save another brother from
drowning. He, who always helped others, gave his life to save the life of someone else.
Brother Thầy Pháp Lượng was ordained by Thầy on 28.06.2001 and became a Dharma Teacher in January 2009.
Here is the Gatha Thầy gave him during the transmission of the Dharma lamp:

Pháp môn thi thiết tuy vô Lượng
Phật quả ngày mai quyết định thành
Đất thơm hiến tặng mùa xuân mới
Đường về mây trắng gọi trời xanh
Although there are Immeasurable skillful Dharma Doors,
(they all) One day definitely lead us to realize the fruit of
The fragrant Earth offers the new spring
And on the way back white clouds call for blue sky.

With his lived brotherhood, his continual joy, his equanimity and the many bonsai trees he raised with so much loving care, he will always remain in our hearts.

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