Tết – We celebrate the Vietnamese New Year: „Year of the Earth-Pig“

Dear Friends of the EIAB,

on Monday, Feb 4th, and Tuesday, Feb 5th, as well as on the following weekend (Friday, Feb 8th, Saturday, Feb 9th and Sunday Feb 10th 2019) we will celebrate the Vietnamese New Lunar Year. The new year will be the Year of the Earth-Pig.

We kindly invite you and your family to join us in these celebrations. Please come and visit us whenever you find the time.

For these days, we have very special activities that take place only once a year. Among these are the Reading oft he Oracle, traditional performances and last but not least visiting the Brothers and Sisters in their rooms for a cosy afternoon with tea.

Please feel free to take part in the whole programme or just visit us for a day. The following agenda will help you to select what might interest you most.


Monday, Feb 4th 2019 (Vietnamese „Silvester“/ New Year‘s Eve)

17:00               Dinner

19:30               Dharma Talk: Reflection on the New Year

21:00               Vietnamese „Silvester“ / New Year‘s Eve

                        Ceremonial Welcoming of the New Year

                        Inviting the big Bell and Drum

                        Sitting Meditation and Ceremony



Tuesday, Feb 5th 2019 (1st day of the year)

07:30                 Breakfast

09:30                 Reading the Oracle (Thay Phap An)

11:30                 Walking Meditation

12:30                 Lunch

Friday, Feb 8th 2019 (4th day of the year)

19:30                Introduction: New Year – Beginning Anew


Saturday, Feb 9th 2019 (5th day of the year)

07:00                Sitting Meditation

07:30                Breakfast

09:00                Dragon’s Dance 

                         Offering Incense, Flowers and Fruit 

                         New Year’s Prayers to our Spiritual Ancestors

                         Prayer for Thay’s Health and Long Life             

                         Touching the Earth in Gratitude (four times)

                         Reading the Oracle

12: 00               Lunch

14:00                Visiting the Nuns and Monks in their Rooms
17:30                Dinner

19:30                Musical Performances, Celebrating the New Year


Sunday , Feb 10th 2019 (6th day of the year)

07:30                Breakfast

09:30                Reading the Oracle (Thay Phap An)

11:30                Walking Meditation

12:30                Lunch
14:00                Visiting the Nuns and Monks in their Rooms


May you and those you love and the whole world be well, happy, and at peace.