Online Course: The wisdom of Master Linji (Rinzai)

The wisdom of Master Linji (Rinzai)


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This online course of 4 sessions is provided by the Dutch brother Phap Xa.

We start each session with a short guided meditation followed by a talk about Master Linji, who was a Buddhist zen monk and spiritual ancestor of our Plum Village tradition.

Zen master Linji (Japanese name: Rinzai) lived and taught in China in the ninth century. He saw many monks studying but making little or no progress on the path of healing and transformation. Therefore, his learning style was very direct and pragmatic. Although he knew the Buddha's teachings very well, he saw that many monks were acquiring far too much knowledge without taking the time to digest and put these teachings into practice.

Master Linji's goal was to help us stop looking outside ourselves and realize that everything we look for can be found in the present moment. Buddha, enlightenment, peace, and happiness can only be found in the here and now. His teaching is a great and valuable gift; a bitter and effective medicine to heal us.

In this series of four Advent Sundays, we look at the core of his teaching and how we can apply his teaching in our daily lives.

Advent Sunday December 3rd: Master Linji: A good spiritual friend

Although he shouted and hit his students, we can also feel the love of Master Linji for his students. To him, it was important to have good spiritual friends and have the capacity to help others progress on the path. He applied all kinds of medicines to cure his students.

Advent Sunday December 10th: Master Linji: Be beautiful, be yourself

According to Master Linji, we should not try to be special, but just be natural, be the true person. That true person is beautiful and does not need to put on airs.

Advent Sunday December 17th: Master Linji: Nothing to do

To Master Linji, the ideal person was the person who had nothing to do. Such a person does not strive or look for anything. Such a person is a truly free person.

Advent Sunday December 24th: Master Linji: You have enough

Master Linji saw many of his students with a lack of self-confidence. His students felt they were lacking something and searched for something outside of themselves. Master Linji encouraged them to see that they do not lack anything: "You have enough".

Every Sunday from 4 - 5:30 PM CET (Central European Time), which is equivalent to 7 - 8:30 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Recommended literature:

Zen Battles: Modern Commentary on the Teachings of Master Linji
Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Publisher: Parallax Press

Zen battles

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This course is also given in German (8 - 9:30 am)...

This course is also given in Dutch (10 - 11:30 am)...

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