Dates Type Number Title Teacher
13.04.2023 - 16.04.2030 Course K2315-2 WAKE UP RETREAT - DWELLING HAPPILY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT - with Br. Tue Chieu & Br. Phap Lich - Bruder Phap Lich
29.06.2023 - 02.07.2023 Course K2326-3 PEACE IS THE WAY: Step-by-Step Introduction To Meditation Practice Alexander Böckmann
05.07.2023 - 09.07.2023 Retreat K2327-1 INTERNATIONAL HIKING RETREAT Bruder Phap Lich,
Bruder Phap Xa
19.07.2023 - 23.07.2023 Retreat K2329-1 THE WAY OUT IS IN - Internationales Sommer-Retreat Mönche und Nonnen des EIAB
08.08.2023 - 13.08.2023 Retreat K2332-1 BE STILL AND HEAL - WEES STIL EN GENEES - Niederländisches Sommer Retreat Mönche und Nonnen des EIAB
14.09.2023 - 17.09.2023 Course K2337-2 HEALING THE PAST IN THE PRESENT - A Mindful Time Travel - with Br. Bao Tang - Bruder Bao Tang,
Bruder Phap Kha
20.09.2023 - 24.09.2023 Course K2338-3 TRUST YOUR ARTIST - What does your inner voice say when you take the time to listen to it? - with Larissa Mazbouh & Joe Holtaway - Larissa Mazbouh
21.09.2023 - 24.09.2023 Course K2338-2 ZEN AND THE ART OF MINDFUL CALLIGRAPHY - with Alexander Böckmann & Br. Tue Chieu - Alexander Böckmann
27.09.2023 - 01.10.2023 Course K2339-1 PEACE IN ONESELF – PEACE IN THE WORLD - Harvesting Fruits Of The Practice Alexander Böckmann
28.09.2023 - 01.10.2023 Course K2339-2 RETREAT FOR EUROPEAN DHARMACHARYAS IN THE TRADITION OF THICH NHAT HANH - European Lay Dharmacharya Sangha - Bettina Romhardt,
Dr. Kai Romhardt,
Dr. Uli Pfeifer-Schaupp,
Jan Boswijk
05.10.2023 - 08.10.2023 Course K2340-1 JOYFUL COOKING VEGAN DISHES Schwester Chinh Nghiem,
Schwester Minh Chi
05.10.2023 - 08.10.2023 Course K2340-2 THE ART OF HAPPINESS AND SUFFERING: dealing helpfully with strong emotions in times of loss and grief. GELUK CULTIVEREN EN GOED VOOR ONS LIJDEN ZORGEN IS EEN KUNST: hoe omgaan met sterke emoties in tijden van verlies en rouw
18.10.2023 - 22.10.2023 Course K2342-2 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RETREAT - Be free where you are: Mind skills for uncertain times - with Dr. Kai Romhardt and Members of the Network for Mindful Business - Dr. Kai Romhardt
02.11.2023 - 05.11.2023 Course K2344-3 WAKE UP RETREAT - DWELLING HAPPILY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT - with Br. Tue Chieu & Br. Phap Lich - Bruder Phap Lich
09.11.2023 - 12.11.2023 Course K2345-4 Weekendretraite Sangha Leuven Bruder Phap Xa,
Marleen van den Bosch
27.12.2023 - 02.01.2024 Retreat K2352-1 NEUJAHRS-RETREAT Mönche und Nonnen des EIAB