Payments & Cancellation

Payment Notes

With respect to all financial transactions, please note the following cautions and important points:
Please transfer course fees and donations separately.

* If you transfer the course fees : Please write in the " purpose" (Zweck): your name and the course name or number K14**
* If you make a donation : Please write in the " purpose" (Zweck): "donation " and your name and address .

Bank account :
Kreissparkasse, Köln
Kontonummer: 341 552 932
BLZ: 370 502 99
IBAN: DE27 3705 0299 0341 5529 32



1. Cancellation by the European Institute of Applied Buddhism:

In case the minimum number of 6 participants per course or cancellation by the instructor or other unforeseen events, the EIAB reserves the right to cancel an event at short notice. Participants will be notified of it in a timely and appropriate manner. In case of cancellation on the part of EIAB the participation fee already paid will be refunded in full. Further compensation claims do not arise .

2. Cancellation by participants

Cancellation must be submitted in writing in every case. For cancellation from 2 weeks prior to the event, a cancellation fee of 60 € will be charged. If you only cancel from 3 days prior to the event, a cancellation fee of 100 % of the registration fee will be charged. The same rule applies for late arrival or early departure.

Our lay - course teachers are dependent for their livelihood on donations. We therefore ask you to give a donation at the end of a course with lay course instructor. The amount of the donation is at the discretion of each individual.

Staying at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism as well as the participation in the courses and retreats is at your own risk . The EIAB accepts no liability for personal injury or property damage .


More information:

* Transportation: The EIAB is about 70km east of Cologne. Nearby stations are Schladern (12km) and Hennef (32km ) away. There is a bus from both Schladern as well as Hennef to Waldbroel. They go to the bus station in Waldbroel, which is 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the EIAB. The bus stop with the shortest distance to EIAB is " Waldbrol Kreisparkasse " and " Waldbroel hospital ", about 5 min. to 10 min. walking distance. See Tel: 01803-504030 or for accurate information. For taxi service : Tel: 02291-6666 For taxi from Bonn / Cologne airport : Peisker Auto-Ruf Waldbroel Tel: 02291-92100 .

* Lodging: Since you might be together with other people in a room, it's good if you bring " earplugs " and an eye mask for sleeping - just in case . Switching to another room during a retreat is usually not possible. The EIAB is a community of practice, we also want to encourage you to practice the art of living together harmoniously. For your sleeping comfort during the winter it is good to bring a water bottle. It is not possible to bring pets to the EIAB

* Bed linen is provided, but please bring your own towels and the things that are necessary for your comfort (a blanket or sleeping bag , etc., if you would like to sleep very warm). If you want to help us, please bring your own bedding. Please let us know before.

* Food: Please do not bring alcoholic beverages to our center. The same applies to non-vegetarian foods. All meals at EIAB are vegan ( no eggs or dairy, etc.). We can not provide special dietary requirements. if necessary, please bring your own food for your special diet.

* Clothing: Out of respect for the monks, nuns and the other retreatants , we would ask you to wear clothes that cover the shoulders and legs. For the practice of sitting meditation, it is good if you have not so tight pants. Please also bring slippers for your convenience in coming in and out of the meditation hall.