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K18082 : INSPIRATION FROM THE HEART Presence through Mindfulness and Creativity

05.07.2018 - 08.07.2018

Course with Mavi Cubas and Marguerite Apostolidis

While we practice mindfulness we take a creative look at personal themes that reoccur in our lives. In using methods from Improv theatre we will discover new ways of expression and find the courage to move past our habit energies. We will also strengthen our body awareness practising dance improvisations. As a group we discover playful energies to access our creative potential.

Language: German

The instructors kindly ask for a donation; see p. XXXXX.

Mavi Cubas

Mavi Cubas

Mavi Cubas, Peruvian, BuT drama teacher, actress and theater drama therapist. She studied drama and acting in Peru and Barcelona, after which she studied drama teaching and Theater-Drama-Therapy. In Peru she founded the theatre workshop ‘La semilla’ (‘The seed’) and since then has toured the various continents with ‘La semilla’. Since 1984 she has, above all, worked as a lecturer & pro...



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