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K2338-3: TRUST YOUR ARTIST - What does your inner voice say when you take the time to listen to it? - with Larissa Mazbouh & Joe Holtaway -

20.09.2023 - 24.09.2023

- with Larissa Mazbouh & Joe Holtaway -

TRuYA welcomes all to come and explore their creativity this Autumn !

Over a week you are invited to take part in workshops dedicated to creativity: writing, painting, song and movement.
We will playfully explore the relationship between what’s inside of us and how to share it with the world outside.
Accompanied by your inner team: the curious child, your zen master, the inner critic, the art activist, the adventurer and everyone you carry with their potential.
Playfulness and relaxation are our tools, the present is the place to act.

Rumi says,
“There is a place beyond right and wrong. That's where we'll meet. "

Check out: www.wakeupyourartist.com for more information

„Helping with the awakening of the people, helping them touch the seed of joy, of peace, of happiness in themselves, helping them transform the seeds of discrimination, fear and craving. The artist can do all this.“
Thich Nhat Hanh

The course facilitators kindly ask for a donation. Please give it directly to the instructors during the course.

Language: english / deutsch

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Larissa Mazbouh

Larissa Mazbouh

Larissa studied this and that, created small and big things and let go of ridiculous and dramatic facts. She is interested in finding out, being surprised, getting lost and being found again. Getting rid of the safety net while steadily strengthening the anchor. Hobbies: Crawling though the woods and increasing wealth by sharing. Looking forward to play together and borrowing Mary Olivers words: T...