Big Summer-Retreat and day of mindfulness
with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village
Summer-Retreat 2019

What to expect

The teachings emphasize the happiness and strength of communal practice, it is important for all retreatants to fully participate in all scheduled activities.

Sample Schedule (subject to change)
6:00    Wake-up
6:30    Sitting Meditation
7:15    Exercise
8:00    Breakfast
9:30    Dharma Talk
11:30   Walking Meditation
12:30   Lunch
15:00   Working Meditation
16:30   Dharma Sharing
18:00   Dinner
19:30   Orientation or Presentations or Sitting Meditation
21:30   Noble Silence

Retreatants are requested to refrain from smoking, drinking and sexual practice during the retreat to support everyone’s practice, lay and monastic.

All retreatants are organized in a family. In this group of about 20-25 people you share experiences and insights with each other (dharma sharing). In the retreat are Dutch speaking families and English speaking. On the online registration you can register your first language.

Working Meditation
All retreatants contribute to the retreat through working meditation, in activities such as arranging the meditation halls, preparing meals, cleaning bathrooms, emptying garbage, watering plants, washing pots, and cleaning the kitchen.

All meals during the retreat are vegan (no animal products, dairy, etc.). We cannot provide for special diets. Please provide your own medication or special foods if needed.