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18.10.2023 - 22.10.2023

This annual residential retreat brings together a diverse group of people interested in making our work lives, our business dealings and our larger economy more conscious and compassionate.

This year we address uncertainty.

How do we act in an economy fraught with all manner of uncertainties?
Change is a constant in our work, our organisations and our economy.
Our relationships with colleagues bring joy and conflict.
Startups go public and go dry.
Stock markets and currencies rise and fall.
How comfortable are we with these unpredictable changes?

Taking to heart the teachings on impermanence, we can expand our comfort zone.
We can strengthen our resilience and inner freedom in the face of fear and apprehension.

In this retreat we will explore a variety of powerful mind skills mined from Buddhist teachings and collected from experiences in the Network for Mindful Business.

This retreat is open to everyone who wants to examine and clarify their relationship to their own hopes, aspirations, fears and anxieties — particularly as they relate to economic conditions, business situations and the workplace.

In addition to (and in support of) Kai’s teaching and guidance, active members of the Network for Mindful Business will share their learnings.
Individual questions and insights can be explored in personal dharma sharing and informal exchange. There will be a “mindful open space” for participant-driven collaboration.
Join us in shaping a supportive business dharma community.

Language: english

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Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt

Studium der Wirt­schafts­wissenschaften in St. Gallen und Genf, arbei­tet als Coach, Unternehmensberater, Lehrbeauftragter, Meditations­lehrer und Autor. Er lebte zwei Jahre in Plum Village, wurde dort Mitglied des Intersein-Ordens und ist Initiator des Netzwerks „Achtsame Wirtschaft“ (www.achtsame-wirtschaft.de). Sein neuestes Buch: „Wir sind die Wirtschaft: Achtsam Leben – Sinnvoll H...