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K2244-3: "FOLLOW WHAT YOU LOVE" - But What Do I Love? [ leider absagt ! ]

03.11.2022 - 06.11.2022

What do I love? This may not be an easy question to answer.

As small children we would spontaneously follow our heart, but with time and the influence of the family and society we would eventually forget how to.
At one point in our life we may start to ask ourselves, ‘What do I really like? What do I love? How do I get in touch with my deep love? We'll look around us, seeking for answers. We may start to practice, we feel better, our life starts slowly to take on a new flavor.
Somebody starts to say: ‘Follow what you love’ But: ‘What do I love?’ How do I get in touch whith my deep love?

During this course, through the help of meditation and sharing, we will let our deep love emerge, to be able to recognize it and, softly, get in touch with it and start to follow it.

Please bring paper and pen.

The teacher kindly asks for a donation. Please give this directly to her during the course.

Tiziana Faggiani

Tiziana Faggiani

Tiziana Faggiani stammt aus Italien und wurde 1998 in Plum Village Mitglied des Intersein-Ordens. Sie unterstützt den Aufbau der italienischen Sangha.
Sie ist auch examinierte Bachblüten-Therapeutin (BFRP) und schätzt es sehr, die buddhistische Lehre und Praxis mit dem Gebrauch von Bachblüten zu verbinden....