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01.10.2021 - 03.10.2021

The three realms of friendship with myself

A loving attitude towards myself is the basis for growth and development, it is necessary for a peaceful life.
Mindfulness ist he basis for friendship with myself, enables me to get to know myself deeply.
I learn to be aware of what is arising in my body and mind (pleasant and unpleasant) with an open, friendly attitude.
With mindfullness, compassion and loving kindness I can learn to accept and appreciate myself and to transform self-doubt and selfrejection
in a gentle, non-violent way.

1.Self-love: acceptance, appreciation and loving kindness
With loving kindness I learn to smile at myself over and over again. I open myself to perceive and acknowledge the beautiful and wholesome in myself. By wishing well to myself wholeheartedly, I strengthen the loving attitude towards myself.

2. Self-compassion: embracing myself with compassion, forgiving and beginning anew
With compassion I learn to acknowledge my pain and take good care of it in a gentle, non-violent way-by calming, embracing and looking deeply into it. With insight into the causes and conditions, which contributed to the manifestation of the pain, I experience relief. Accepting both-joyful and painful experiences and states of mindforgiveness
can arise and I can start over and over again.

3. Self-love and non-self: living in connectedness
A loving attitude towards myself is the basis for growth and development. Buddhist psychology also suggests that attachment to the idea of a separate self is the cause of all our suffering. If I expand my understanding of the self, if I can see my self consisting of non-self elements, I can recognize the deep connection of my life with all of life. The experience of connectedness, of interbeing, becomes the gateway to healing, transformation and liberation.

"To love means first and foremost to accept yourself for who you actually are." (Thay Thich Nhat Hanh)

In this course we practice different meditations and exercises of mindfulness, loving kindness and compassion to strengthen a loving relationship with ourselves.

Kurssprache: Englisch

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Due to the current situation, courses can only be booked with restrictions in terms of room selection:
- The room categories multi-bed room, commuter and camping / caravan are not available
- Single rooms with and without shower are available to single bookers
- Double rooms can only be booked by couples or people from the same household
- For organizational reasons, courses can only be booked as a whole, a day-by-day, shorter or longer stay is not possible
- The options mentioned with regard to the room selection can be changed again in accordance with any later relaxed conditions on the part of the state government and the situation in the EIAB.


Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt, Heil­ praktikerin, lebte 5 Jahre als Resident in der Plum-Village-Sangha. 1995 wurde sie Mitglied des Intersein-Ordens, 2004 wurde sie von Thay zur Dharmacharya ernannt. Heute lebt sie mit ihrem Mann Kai und Sohn Jonathan in Berlin. Sie bietet Achtsamkeitstage, Retreats und Kurse zur Achtsamkeitspraxis an und begleitet in Berlin gemeinsam mit Kai Romhardt die Sangha Zehlendorf....



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