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11.11.2022 - 13.11.2022

During stormy periods of our personal and collective lives, in the midst of emotional pain and turmoil, we can easily loose our calm, stability and sense of safety.
How can we touch the eye of the storm? The calm center within? How can we touch a smile of freedom?

First of all it is mindfulness teaching us to return to ourselves in the present moment however it looks like – joyful or painful… Only by coming back to ourselves we have the chance and strength to encounter suffering and to calm. Only by not – turning away we can touch the Buddha-seed inside, the capacity to be aware, to understand, to love, to touch stability and freedom within. By not – turning away we can touch the elements inside and outside which are nourishing and joyful in this moment.

“If you do not return to yourself, you run away from the buddha within.” Thay

With mindful breathing and mindfulness of the body we practice to touch stability in this very moment. With the strength of awareness we can stand upright in stormy moments.

We learn to be present for the constantly changing forms of life, to accept, that we can not control them. We accept things as they are in the very moment.

“This is it.”

More and more we can rest in a bigger perspective, which protects us from emotional overreactions.

With meditations, exercises, Dharma Talks, Dharma sharings we will explore uprightness and stability within us.

The course-leader kindly asks for a donation. Please give it directly to her during the course.

Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt, Heil­ praktikerin, lebte 5 Jahre als Resident in der Plum-Village-Sangha. 1995 wurde sie Mitglied des Intersein-Ordens, 2004 wurde sie von Thay zur Dharmacharya ernannt. Heute lebt sie mit ihrem Mann Kai und Sohn Jonathan in Berlin. Sie bietet Achtsamkeitstage, Retreats und Kurse zur Achtsamkeitspraxis an und begleitet in Berlin gemeinsam mit Kai Romhardt die Sangha Zehlendorf....



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