Big Summer-Retreat and day of mindfulness
with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village
Summer-Retreat 2019

Staff FAQ


Q: May I be a staff member if I have not attended a retreat in the Plum Village tradition before?
A: Staff members play an important role to support the retreatants in the practice. For this reason all staff members should have attended a retreat in the Plum Village tradition. Your peaceful and mindful presence is the most important thing you offer as a staff member.


Q: I cannot arrive on the designated arrival day, can I arrive a day or two later?
A: As the orientation on the Arrival Day is required for ALL Staff members (including people already familiar with the practice), and we need your help to prepare for the retreat, we ask that you arrive on the designated arrival day and not later.

Q: Can I arrive before the arrival day?
A: To support our registration process, we encourage everyone to arrive on the designated arrival day. However, we understand that there are certain cases where people may have to arrive a day earlier. If you would like to arrive early for the retreat, please first write to Please note that there will be no scheduled activities, except meals, before the retreat. The price for each extra night’s stay will be calculated based on the EIAB general retreat prices

Q: I am a Staff for only German retreat. Can I stay longer after the German  Retreat ends?
A: After the German Retreat, there is the Dutch retreat. You can’t stay longer because we have to do the preparations for the Dutch retreat.

Q: Can I stay longer after the Dutch Retreat ends? 
A: After the Dutch Retreat there are lazy days and the EIAB is not open at this time.


Q: May I be a staff member if I would like to stay in a room rather than a tent?
A: If you would like to stay in a room (rather than a tent) as a member of staff, please register directly as a retreatant and write in the comments’ section on the registration form that you would like to be in the staff program. After that, please write an E-mail to to let us know.

Q: May I choose with whom I tent?
A: When you register online, you can let us know with whom you would like to tent by filling in the field: “Person(s) I wish to share tent with.” This applies for couples, families and friends who would like to tent with each other.

Q: I have a very small camping car, can I drive it to the EIAB and sleep in it during the retreat?
A: Due to limited parking space at the EIAB, no camping cars of any size are allowed at the retreat. All camping cars may park at the Waldbröl Hospital next to the EIAB for €5/day.

What to Bring?

Q: Do I need to bring my own meditation cushion to the retreat?
A: Yes, please bring your own cushion and mat to the retreat as we will not have enough for everyone.

Q: Can I bring my pet to the EIAB?
A: Please do not bring your pets to the EIAB.