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Maru (Maria) Moonlion

Maru (Maria) Moonlion, True Healing Confidence, ordained in the Order of Interbeing in 2017. Maru is a lover of the Earth and enjoys practicing together in many forms with all willing beings, to cultivate True Love - kindness, compassion, joy and inclusivity. She/they is a grateful mother of two young adults. She/they began recognizing and exploring her/their queerness at age 13. As a survivor of family trauma and an activist for Earth/Climate Justice, she/they finds healing in spiritual connection, in ceremony as an Earth Honorer and through heart-sharing in community circles. Maru is an active member of various Sanghas, including Earth Holders NL, International White Awareness Sangha, Dutch Online Parent Sangha, and Dutch Inner Child Sangha.

Termin Typ Nummer Titel
04.04.2024 - 07.04.2024 Retreat K2414-3 LGBTQIA+ Retreat: At home with oneself, with the Sangha, with the world