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Lyn Fine

Lyn Fine was born in 1944 and raised in New York City in a Jewish family of German, Russian, and Latvian roots. She has dedicated her life to learning ways to build inclusive community and transform deep collective and individual historical harm. Currently she participates in local sanghas and in ARISE, a national and international sangha in the Plum Village lineage which encourages awareness and action in ourselves, our sanghas, our communities, and our countries to transform racial and social inequities. Lyn was ordained into the Order of Interbeing in Plum Village in 1989 and received Lamp Transmission from Thay in 1994. Her doctorate in International Education/Peace Studies on "Children of War Becoming Leaders for Peace" inspires her work with Mindful Peacebuilding, a nonprofit which encourages engagement with social issues in a mindful context. Lyn currently lives in Berkeley, California, and enjoys being with family and friends, making music, and slow walking with the redwood trees. (

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