Allow yourself to be at peace

Dear wonderful friends,

Right now I’m sitting in the train between Waldbröl and Hamburg, and I am contemplating:

I am so lucky. I am so rich. This is a happy moment.

I am so lucky: I had the opportunity to live and practice in the EIAB for about two months. Now, I am on my way back home, and I enjoy the peacefulness I feel in my heart. I just relax my body, and automatically I feel alive and joyful. This is so wonderful! I don’t have to make any effort! Yes, happiness is something one can train and develop in oneself. You just need enough sun and warmth, take good care of it and water it every day. Then it will grow. Maybe it grows slowly, but it grows.

I want to ask myself the question: What did I learn during the time I was practicing in the community? What do I take with me back home? I feel it is easier for me to express it in music, so I put it into a song:

It is in german, so I translate it for you:

Allow yourself to be at peace

Look at yourself as a human being
Feel the life and tell yourself:
Welcome on Earth. (2x)

Look at yourself as a human being
Discover what you have inside
And allow all that to be at peace. (2x)

Feel the life surrounding you
And listen to your heart
As it silently says Thank you. (2x)

Dear friends, I am so happy that I will come back to Waldbröl soon, and I wish you all have a wonderful time until then!

A beautiful lotus for you