General Stay

Outside of our courses or retreats, you can come join us for a general stay; only for those who already knows the practice. To help make your practice stable and solid, we invite you to arrive on Friday each week. An orientation to the practice is offered to new arrivals on Friday evening, which is essential for you to benefit from and enjoy your stay. For mindful living to take root and become a vital part of daily life, we recommend a minimum stay of one week. If you cannot stay for one week a weekend stay is also possible.

If you wish to stay longer than two weeks, please write a letter to the community to express your motivations before you arrive. We are very happy to have friends practicing with us for longer periods of time, but the community will make the final decision only after your first two weeks at the EIAB, based on your capacity to live in harmony with the Sangha (community) and your commitment to the practice.