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Bruder Phap Luu

Brother Stream (Pháp Lưu) is from the US and ordained in 2003. He graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in English Literature in 1997 and also did non-degree study at Yale and Harvard in Buddhist Studies and Sanskrit before ordaining. He taught English as a foreign language in Madrid, Spain, and spent one year working part-time as a teacher in inner-city schools in New Haven, CT.
He received the transmission from Thay as a Dharma teacher in 2011, and has taught in North America, Europe, Brazil, Botswana, Southeast Asia and India. He has been active in the Wake Up movement for young people, co-leading two tours in the UK, and one each in the US, Spain and Ireland, to share mindfulness with young adults at universities, and has been working with the Wake Up Schools initiative to bring mindfulness into schools for the past three years.
He has a deep aspiration to make the simple practice of mindful breathing and embracing strong emotions available at all levels of education.

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