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Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf

Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf is a naturopath for psychotherapy, clinical therapist for body work, medical Qi Gong and music therapy. He has many years of training and practice in all the areas mentioned, and is an individual and group therapist in a psychiatric clinic, in private practice, and in work with people with disabilities. He also has extensive experience in teaching advanced training courses, and has many years of practice in mindfulness and meditation.

Termin Typ Nummer Titel
09.11.2018 - 11.11.2018 Kurs K18121 QI GONG AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF CHINESE MEDICINE 1, Workshop as part of our Ongoing QiGong Training
07.12.2018 - 09.12.2018 Kurs K18137 METHODS AND DIDACTICS OF QIGONG I, Workshop as part of our Qigong training