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Bruder Phap Dung

Thay Phap Dung is a Vietnamese-American monk, who was ordained by Thay in 1998. Born in Vietnam in 1969, he came to America at the age of 9. He successfully completed his studies in architecture at the University of Southern California and worked for four years as an architect. He loves to play, to learn and to share the joys of mindfulness with children of all ages. He helped to set up Deer Park Monastery, and has been Abbot since 2002. In 2004 he was ordained a Dharma teacher by Thay, and has led international mindfulness retreats. He is currently supporting the Wake Up school initiative to bring an awareness of the spiritual aspects of life into all areas of education. One of his greatest wishes is to set up a mindfulness school in which everyone – pupils, parents, teachers and school administrators – can practice mindfulness together.

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