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K18075 : KUNG FU – to strengthen our health

14.06.2018 - 17.06.2018

Course with Bruder Phap Cu

Kung Fu is the name of the martial arts practiced by the Shaolin monks. It offers stamina and strength training as well as unique techniques to train mind and body.

When we practice Kung Fu we will know how to defend ourselves effectively and acquire a clear philosophy and discipline to master our lives in all its different areas.

The intense warm up and stretching phases required in Kung Fu help to prevent injuries during the training that follows. Stamina and strength increase considerably. Fist, foot and other defense techniques will be practiced precisely and skillfully.

The practice of Kung Fu also helps to increase self confidence and assertiveness; it also supports health maintenance.
Language: English with German translation

Brother Phap Cu

Bruder Phap Cu
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