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K18047 : LIVING IN RELATIONSHIPS – OUR DAILY PRACTICE -- now with translation into English

25.04.2018 - 29.04.2018

Course with Sister Bi Nghiem

In this class we look at the issues that may lead to misunderstandings between couples. How can we learn to recognise these sources of misunderstandings resulting in hurt feelings, often happening on an unconscious level in ourselves and in our partners? How can we lovingly accept them?
Old wounds as well as relationship patterns from our childhood play an important part in our adult lives. The practice of the inner child and a deeper insight into early childhood bonding experiences can help us gain a greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves and of our partners.
Taking a deeper look at our communication patterns will guide us to recognise that our difficulties will actually help deepen our relationships. Love, friendships, good relationships – they all require daily practice.
This class is for everyone who lives in a relationship. It is wonderful when couples attend together, but it is definitely ok for only one of the partners to attend.
Language: German

Sister Bi Nghiem

Schwester Bi Nghiem

Sister Bi Nghiem, Adorment with compassion, was born and raised in Germany. She is a professional librarian and studied French and Italian literature in Montreal, Canada. She was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1998 and became a Dharma Teacher in 2006. Her special interest is interfaith dialogue....



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