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K17043 - A: Happy teachers change the world

08.04.2017 - 13.04.2017

How can you become a happy teacher? According to Thich Nhat Hanh we need to be able to focus our attention. The path is based on personal development, mindfulness practice and stamina. In 2013, Thay explained the four ways to practice before a public of teachers, school heads, and school administrators at a retreat in Toronto, Canada: ‘Bring body and mind together; generate feelings of joy and happiness; know how to deal with painful emotions and thoughts and listen with compassion.’
In this retreat teachers, educators, school managers and administrators from all types of schools and educational institutions are invited to practice mindfulness together and to experience its effects. You will be offered tools that help you to develop greater inner space and peace from which you can be mindful in your work with colleagues and pupils.
The retreat will be led by monks and experienced lay practitioners.

Course language: English

The lay teachers ask for a donation for their time and work.

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Claude Acker

Claude Acker

Claude Acker, born in 1959 in France has worked for 15 years as a teacher in the Netherlands. In 2013, together with Tineke Spruytenburg, he founded the Dutch branch of ‘Happy teachers will change the world’. In 2015 with brothers Phap Xa and Phap Kinh he led the first retreat for teachers in his homeland. Together with the monastics of the EIAB they are now preparing an international retreat ...


Tineke Spruytenburg

Tineke Spruytenburg

Tineke Spruytenburg is a qualified teacher and works as a special needs teacher, in addition to which she offers coaching for children, parents and teachers. She has been a member of the Order of Interbeing since 2006 and lived in Plum Village for two years. In 2007 she visited Vietnam with Thay and the four-fold Sangha. In the Netherlands she is helping to create a Sangha for teachers and to orga...



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