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07.04.2022 - 10.04.2022

The 4th Noble Truth (the Noble Eightfold Path) is a toolbox where we can find the right tool at the right moment when we need it.

In our daily life, we may have difficulties that make us feel uneasy, often we don’t even know why or what it is that disturbs us.
The 4th Noble Truth is a very practical practice. Learning how to practice it will teach us how to look at our difficulties, how to recognize them and how to transform them.
During this course, with the help of meditation and sharing, we will look at and choose from some of the Eight Paths. We will deepen the understanding of their meanings and see how to make use of them in a practical way in our daily life or whenever we feel we need it.

Please bring paper and pen.
The teacher kindly asks for a donation. Please give this directly to her during the course.

Tiziana Faggiani

Tiziana Faggiani

Tiziana Faggiani comes from Italy, she became a member of the Order of Interbeing in 1998, and helped to build up the Italian Sangha. She is also a certified bach flower therapist. She places great value on being able to combine Buddhist teachings and practice with the use of bach flowers....



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