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K18009 : YOUFA GONG I: Qi Gong Method of free-flowing movement as part of our on-going Qi Gong Training

19.01.2018 - 21.01.2018

Course with Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf

Youfagong is the name of a special, traditional method of Qi Gong that helps to invigorate inner life forces and releases original energies of life. Essential elements of Youfagong are induction (the permission to let movement unfold), mental calmness, relaxation, following the inner Qi and the natural expression of inner impulses, as well as the connection between natural authenticity and self-control. This method is used successfully in therapy and health maintenance, and it provides the inner basis for all other forms of Qi Gong.

This Qi Gong class is also open for participants who don’t plan to attend the complete set of Qi Gong training offered.

Language: German

Please note: Fees for this class fall into a different category; see p. XXXX.

Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf

Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf

Dieter Lorscheid-Wolf is a naturopath for psychotherapy, clinical therapist for body work, medical Qi Gong and music therapy. He has many years of training and practice in all the areas mentioned, and is an individual and group therapist in a psychiatric clinic, in private practice, and in work with people with disabilities. He also has extensive experience in teaching advanced training courses, a...



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