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27.12.2023 - 02.01.2024

A Retreat with the Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

This retreat is for everyone: adults, teenagers and children.
There will be a programme for children and teenagers (6-12 and 13-16 years).

We will spend the holidays together in a spiritual way that everyone will enjoy.
We will sing, create performances, practice sitting, walking and eating meditation and look at our lives in depth to see how we can truly live happily together.

There will also be a time of reflection to look forward to the New Year in contemplation and to consciously begin 2023.

Course languages: German and English
Languages in the children's programme: German and Dutch

Before booking the course, please kindly read thoroughly the registration procedures, policies and prices at the following link:
Registration Details

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-) Please do not change the date. Changing the date will bring you to other courses.
-) Select the number of people you would like to register.
-) Choose your room type. You can stay in the same room or in different rooms.
-) Reductions for young people, children, students and special conditions can be found at the bottom of the first page.

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Into the "Message" field:
a) Please write once again: Course number and course name: “ K2352-1 NEUJAHRS-RETREAT “
b) In case of a group booking: Please note the details of each person: first name, last name, gender, age, language/s.

You will receive an email once your booking is complete.

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB Sangha...