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K18142 : CELEBRATING LIFE– Holiday - Retreat for all

27.12.2018 - 01.01.2019

withthemonks and nuns of the EIAB

This retreat is for everyone, for adults, teens and children. We will offer a program for children and youths (ages 6–12 and 13–16).
We will spend the vacation in a spiritual way, so that everyone may experience joy. We will sing, design performances, practice sitting-, walking-, and eating meditation and look deeply at our lives. We will see how we can really live happily together.

There will also be time for reflection so we will greet the new year in contemplation and enter the year 2019 in full awareness.

Languages: Germanand English with translation into Dutch

Languages in the children’s program: German and Dutch.

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB Sangha...



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