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20.04.2018 - 22.04.2018

Course with Elmar Vogt

The sound boat invites us to come along on a journey. It is a journey to ourselves and to the perception of our interconnectedness. Inside the boat we experience acceptance and belonging just the way we are. There is space for healing.

The sound boat resembles a wooden boat. You can lie in it. The sound emanates from strings attached to the underbelly of the boat, which are tuned to a single note, just like a monochord. As the boat hangs from two ropes a gentle rocking motion arises.

The boat was developed and built by music therapist Elmar Vogt.
Find more information at www. klang-bewegung.de.

Language: German

The instructor kindly asks for a donation; see p. XXXXX

Elmar Vogt

Elmar Vogt

Elmar Vogt develops and builds elementary sound instruments for therapeutic work (www.klang-bewegung.de), and works freelance as a music therapist in kindergartens, as well as in children’s clinics for severely disabled and dying children using mindfulness as the basis for his work. He plays a number of different instruments and loves music, above all singing. He is a cabinet-maker by profession...



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