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K18116: AWAKENING JOY How does Joy Feel? How do we Experience Well-being in Body and Spirit?

01.11.2018 - 04.11.2018

Course with Sabine Jaenicke and Robert Kruppa

We can experience joy in every given moment. It is simple –yet so difficult.
Our education, experiences and daily lives train us to keep our focus on the things, that aren’t right. We will actively try to change this focus, by willingly moving our perception towards beneficial mental states like gratitude, love, joy, goodwill and self-compassion. We will support each other in the group and through partner exercises to look deeply and honestly evaluate what keeps us from being joyful. By practising these healing aspects on a continuous basis we refine our perception for the joy within and the miracle of life.

Language: German

The instructor kindly asks for a donation; see page XXX.

Robert Kruppa

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Sabine Jaenicke

Sabine Jaenicke
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