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K2021-2: Neuroscience Retreat

20.05.2020 - 24.05.2020

Important notice:
Regarding the development of the coronavirus, we ask you to regularly check the website www.eiab.eu for the latest information on the opening of the EIAB. Should we have to close for a longer period of time, we will inform you in time.
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Br. Phap Xa, Br. Phap Luu, and Dr. Liam Kavanagh

How can neuroscience help us transform our own minds, becoming happy and free? Buddhist psychology, using first-person empirical research, teaches that two obstacles prevent us from seeing things as they truly are: the obstacle of our knowledge and the obstacle of our afflictions.

In this retreat, applying the latest neuroscientific research with mindful inquiry through talks, walking in nature, sitting and eating meditation, we explore how science and Buddhist psychology can help us understand how our mind operates. In this way we reduce suffering, cultivate more happiness in our daily life, and remove the imagined boundaries between body and mind, subject and object and brain and consciousness. The insight of non-duality provides a firm base from which to explore and interpret our experience, so we may learn how to take better care of our relationships, leading to more happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

A tentative schedule for the retreat can be found here. More information on Dr. Liam Kavanagh - he helped organise the Neuroscience Retreat in Plum Village last year 2019 - can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hH1at0wVnlWA0YhdQFGcW_l6FR7aJNK9sS1baOsObc4/edit#gid=0

Course Language: English with German Translation

Brother Phap Luu

Bruder Phap Luu

Thay Phap Luu, Br. Stream, originates from the USA and was ordained as a monk in 2003. He completed his B.A. in English literature in 1997, and taught English as a foreign language in Madrid. He also worked for 1 year as a teacher in New Haven, CT. In 2011 he received transmission of the lamp from Thay and has taught around the globe. He is active in the Wake Up movement for young people and also ...


Brother Phap Xa

Bruder Phap Xa

Thay Phap Xa is a Dutch monk and Dharma teacher, who has been living and teaching at the EIAB since 2010. He studied and taught mathematics at the university in Enschede (Netherlands), but prefers to concentrate on solutions for a happier and more fulfilled life. Apart from his great interest in the teachings of the Buddha, he enjoys spending his time in contemplation and stillness in the way that...


Liam Kavanagh

Liam Kavanagh

Liam Kavanagh
Art Earth Tech Director
Liam Kavanagh is Director of research at Art Earth Tech, an organisation for people seeking a wiser world. Members are engaged in social change, and the Art Earth Tech's research exists to help create shared vision to bind together their work. AET’s research draws from the developing science of the mind, as w...



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