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K18049 : MINDFULNESS IN ORGANISATIONS AND BUSINESSES Practice and Methods for Professionals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

26.04.2018 - 29.04.2018

Course with Dr. Kai Romhardt and the group „Mindful Organisation“ of the Network Mindful Economy

More and more organisations and companies are discovering mindfulness. More and more people meditate in the business world. How do we walk the path of understanding and compassion during our days at the work place? What are the possibilities of sharing our experiences with our colleagues in order to sow the seeds of mindfulness?
By cultivating mindfulness we may change our perception of the organisations, to whom we dedicate our vital energies. Our goal is that people encounter each other respectfully and pursue meaningful goals in our work environments.
In this seminar we will explore and deepen paths, methods, practice fields, directions and ethical orientations that support us in designing and changing organisations in a mindful way.

Find more information: www.achtsame-wirtschaft.de


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Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt, PhD, studied Economics in St. Gallen and Geneva, Switzerland. He now works as a coach, management consultant, visiting lecturer, meditation teacher and author. He spent two years living in Plum Village, where he became a member of the Order of Interbeing. He initiated the network “Achtsame Wirtschaft“ (“Mindful Economy”, www.achtsame-wirtschaft.de). Kai’s most recent bo...


Fachgruppe „Achtsame Organisation“ des Netzwerks Achtsame Wirtschaft

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