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K2231-1: CONFIDENCE IN DIFFICULT TIMES - Summer Retreat [fully booked and only waiting list placement is possible !]

01.08.2022 - 06.08.2022

Notice: Retreat is fully booked and only waiting list placement is possible !!!

How can we avoid negative expectations in this time of global crises -- global warming, pandemics, strengthening of anti-democratic forces and general uncertainty about a technology-dominated future? The hope that everything will turn out all right after all is of little help in calming our fears about the future.
Courage to live does not depend on a positive outcome, but on our inner attitude. And this is our chance, because we can influence our inner attitude.
Inner freedom even in adverse circumstances is essentially the fruit of meditation and compassionate wisdom. When we cultivate inner freedom, compassion and wisdom, we find a confidence also in the face of difficulties that gives us the strength to work for a positive future here and now.

Retreat Languages: English and German
Language in Teen Program: English
Language in children's program: German

Please kindly read the following information carefully before booking:

A single participant can only book a single room.
A shared room can only be booked by those living in the same household or registering together.
For the security reasons, the options for a camper and commuter were cancelled.

Length of attending the retreat
Participating in the whole retreat is required. Coming earlier or later is impossible due to organizational reasons.

Registration procedure:
1. Sign up for the retreat using the online registration form, which can be found at the following link:
Please note that you shouldn't pay anything until you get an official booking confirmation including instructions on how to pay and other necessary information regarding the retreat.
2. Within 3 days of your booking, a confirmation of booking will be sent to you. Otherwise, there may be something wrong there and you need to email us to check it out.
3. Approx 7 days before the start of the retreat, we send you an announcement of the retreat situation and the other information about our EIAB regulations, which will be effective in the retreat.
4. About 4 days prior to the beginning of the retreat, a check-in email, which includes the information about your bedroom and so on, will be sent to you.

If you are in financial hardship or are a student, you can apply for a discount.
Please note that a discount is possible only when booking a room without a private shower and toilet.
If this is the case, please kindly email us at registrar@eiab.eu.

The location of the retreat:
Schaumburgweg 3
51545 Waldbröl

The Covid rule
See on the homepage of our website.

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

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