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K2427-2: International Hiking Retreat

03.07.2024 - 07.07.2024

International Hiking Retreat
With brother Phap Xa and brother Phap Lich
Daily mindful hiking of around 15 to 18 KM in the beautiful nature around Waldbröl
This hiking retreat will be in English
Peaceful hiking in beautiful nature with an alert and alert mind can bring inner peace and joy to bloom again.
In addition to physical exercise (you must be physically fit!), there are also meditative exercises to stay in touch with ourselves and nature.
We always walk in silence and can talk to each other mindfully during breaks.
We'll be back at the monastery before dinner.
In the afternoon we have a picnic in nature.
What to bring: lunch box, water bottle, hiking shoes and rain gear.

The retreat ends on Sunday before 2:00 p.m

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Bruder Phap Lich
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Brother Phap Xa

Bruder Phap Xa

Thay Phap Xa is a Dutch Monk, who ordained in Plum Village in February 2003.
He lives Waldbröl since July 2010. He studied and taught Mathematics and studied Chinese Medicine for a few years.
He offers courses on different topics, like mindful hiking, tea meditation and enjoys the beautiful nature around Waldbröl....