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K18115: SEEING OURSELVES AND OTHERS WITH COMPASSION An introduction into Sensitive Photography

01.11.2018 - 04.11.2018

Course with Klaus H. Schick

Many people shy away from their own photos and do not like to have their photo taken. Yet we can approach portrait-photography in a very different way. We will be exchanging the positions behind and in front of the camera in this course. The “power tool”camera will turn into a sensitive indicator for any kind of feedback between the photographer and his/her subject.
We will participate in the basic practice of the monastic Sangha at EIAB. With this practice as our base and supplemental exercises from humanistic psychology we build an appreciative communication process. Compassion, understanding, acceptance of ourselves and of others will arise.
The photos taken in this class mirror our tenderness and vulnerability, but also our strength, power and dignity.

We will work without studio equipment, simply with our camera and the available light.

Please bring: camera with equipment, tripod, batteries and charger, writing utensils, rainproof clothing and seat support for outdoors. Find more information at www.minpho.de

Language: German

The instructor kindly asks for a donation; see p. XXXX

Klaus H. Schick

Klaus H. Schick

Klaus H. Schick, born in 1951, teacher, communications trainer, photographer out of joy and passion, member of the association of German press photographers. He first encountered Buddhism in 1985, has been practicing in the Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh since 2001 and has been a member of the Order of Interbeing since 2010. Since 2015 he has been sharing his experience in meditation retreats o...



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