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K18025: WISDOM OF THE ENNEAGRAM - Understanding yourself more deeply by understanding archetypes of human personalities

15.03.2018 - 18.03.2018

Course withMalcolm Giles; monastic support Brother Phap Man

The old symbol of the enneagram serves as one of the most widely known systems for the development of self-conception. It is based on nine different personality types. As we identify and work with with one of the types that we feel most drawn to, we gain greater insights into who we are, into realising our own values, how we go about making decisions, how we might limit ourselves and why we have difficulties with certain people in our lives. The enneagram provides us with a powerful lense of objectivity to enter the deeply subjective and complex world of our personality and gain invaluable insights and practical tips to support us on the path of transformation.

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