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K2242-1: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RETREAT: MINDFUL MONEY (with Dr. Kai Romhardt & Members of the Network for Mindful Business)

19.10.2022 - 23.10.2022

- with Dr. Kai Romhardt & Members of the Network for Mindful Business -

Money triggers many emotions in us — desire, envy or anger, but also joy, compassion and generosity. Money penetrates all areas of our lives, including the spiritual.

There are two sides to the coin: Our relationship to money can make us blind and unfree, while at the same time money can bring certain types of freedom. How we handle money can demonstrate our values — or reflect our habit energies.

What does money stand for in our lives? How might our finances flow as “warm money” — money that serves the world as a wholesome energy?

In this retreat, with the help of Buddhist teaching and practice, we will take a clear look at our financial actions and the underlying beliefs, judgments and emotions. We aim to illuminate our personal relationships with money in order to transform ourselves, our organizations, and perhaps even our economies.

This retreat is open to all who want to examine and clarify their relationship to money in an open space with an unbiased view. Long-time members of the Network for Mindful Business will share rich experiences gathered in numerous seminars about money over the past years.

More information: www.network-mindful-business.org

The course-leader kindly asks for a donation. Please give it directly to him during the course.

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Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt

Dr. Kai Romhardt, PhD, studied Economics in St. Gallen and Geneva, Switzerland. He now works as a coach, management consultant, visiting lecturer, meditation teacher and author. He spent two years living in Plum Village, where he became a member of the Order of Interbeing. He initiated the network “Achtsame Wirtschaft“ (“Mindful Economy”, www.achtsame-wirtschaft.de). Kai’s most recent bo...



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