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K2244-2: WAKE UP RETREAT - A retreat for young people aged 18 - 35 [fully booked and only waiting list placement is available !]

03.11.2022 - 06.11.2022

- with Br. Phap Lich and Br. Tue Chieu -
[fully booked and only waiting list placement is available !]

We haven't had a retreat for young people at the EIAB for a long time, which is led by nuns and monks. Now is the opportunity for us to come together under monastic leadership - for young people not only from Germany but also from other countries.

This retreat is specially designed for people between the ages of 18 and 35. For students and people with low income a reduced price is possible on request.

Nowadays we have many problems in our society. With the help of our joint practice, we start looking for possible solutions. The practice of meditation helps us see more clearly and become calmer - this enables us to lead meaningful lives.

Language: English

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