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16.11.2018 - 18.11.2018

Course with Elmar Vogt and Johanna Hilliges

Elmar and Johanna are a father/daughter team inviting participants to experience the sound boat, that Elmar built. You are invited to enter a mindful space where you can reconnect with yourself. Sound and stillness help us to get in contact with our breath and body sensations. We return to ourselves, we listen, make sounds, sing, follow impulses to move, enjoy the silence and relax.

We will be at your side and support you during your journey with the gentle yet powerful movements of voice and sound boat.

The focus of this weekend will be our journey on the sound boat. Every participant has the opportunity to enter the sound boat. The quiet presence of the whole group supports the individual journeys. We all open up for the experience of interconnectedness. Together we create space for support and healing.

Infos about Elmar and the sound boat: www.klang-bewegung.de
Infos about Johanna: www.ana-hata.com.

Language: German, English translation upon request

The instructors kindly ask for a donation, see p. XXXX.

Elmar Vogt

Elmar Vogt

Elmar Vogt develops and builds elementary sound instruments for therapeutic work (www.klang-bewegung.de), and works freelance as a music therapist in kindergartens, as well as in children’s clinics for severely disabled and dying children using mindfulness as the basis for his work. He plays a number of different instruments and loves music, above all singing. He is a cabinet-maker by profession...


Johanna Hilliges (Ana Hata)

Johanna Hilliges (Ana Hata)

Johanna Hilliges (Ana Hata) is a yoga teacher, physiotherapist and musician (www.ana-hata.info). Through her sensitive body work and the help of her voice she opens a space in which deep relaxation and healing are possible. Johanna lives with her family in Göttingen. She has been practicing in the Plum Village tradition since 1994, leads a Sangha in Göttingen and is an aspirant for the Order of ...



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