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K2123-3: Coming out, coming home – coming together LGBTQIA+ Retreat *

10.06.2021 - 13.06.2021

Coming out, coming home – coming together LGBTQIA+ Retreat *
A retreat with Jan-Michael Ehrhardt, Reli Ellett, Sarra Bouars, Simone Fenger and others.
We are happy to announce that, for the third time in the EIAB, we will be offering a retreat to everyone practising in the Plum Village tradition, who identifies under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.
We want to get to know each other; be visible, support and encourage each other; to acknowledge both our own uniqueness and our connectedness; and to honour and celebrate the diversity of life. Lovingly embracing our individual expression, we find true acceptance of the individuality of others.
During these days together, we wish to co-create spaces of mindful encounter, characterised by openness and loving kindness — spaces where we can equally share our pain and our joy, and just enjoy being together.
Carried by our shared practice of mindfulness we nourish and deepen our understanding, compassion, and our love for ourselves for all beingsand for our spiritual path.

Applying for a reduction is possible. If you are currently facing financial hardship please email the registration office of eiab at register@eiab.eu to request a partial scholarship.

Due to the current situation, courses can only be booked with restrictions in terms of room selection:
- The room categories multi-bed room, commuter and camping / caravan are not available
- Single rooms with and without shower are available to single bookers
- Double rooms can only be booked by couples or people from the same household
- For organizational reasons, courses can only be booked as a whole, a day-by-day, shorter or longer stay is not possible
- The options mentioned with regard to the room selection can be changed again in accordance with any later relaxed conditions on the part of the state government and the situation in the EIAB.

Jan-Michael Ehrhardt

Jan-Michael Ehrhardt

Jan-Michael Ehrhardt (True Practice of Harmony) practiced in the Intersein Center in Hohenau from 1998 to 2005. In 2001, he joined the Order of Interbeing. Since 2005, he has lived in an interfaith community, the Friedenshof, near Hanover, where he is working as an art therapist. In 2012 he was ordained as a Dharma teacher by Thay....



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