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06.08.2018 - 11.08.2018

Retreat with the nuns and monks from Plum Village and the EIAB

Nothing is constant - everything changes. This fundamental experience of our lives is often difficult and weighs on us, sometimes it is even threatening and makes us fearful.
We all have different approaches to repress these fundamental experiences, we don’t want to feel our fears and worries. Yet all these strategies of avoidance are useless. Our fear and our deep need for security and connection keep asking for loving attention, only then can we find peace in the midst of constant change.

Mindfulness will help us to find balance in the midst of the challenges of our daily lives, the ebb and flow of our relationships, our work lives and societal change that we have to face.

Retreatlanguage: English and German – with translations

We will offer a program for children and youths in German.

Registration only on our website at www.eiab.eu.

Monastics from Plum Village

Monastics of the Plum Village Sangha...


Monks and Nuns of the EIAB

Monks and Nuns of the EIAB Sangha...