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K2026-1: MEISTER ZHANG XIAO PING-COURSE: Finger– , Händeschütteln- und 8- Schätze- Gesundheitspflege-Qi Gong

24.06.2020 - 28.06.2020

Important notice:
Regarding the development of the coronavirus, we ask you to regularly check the website www.eiab.eu for the latest information on the opening of the EIAB. Should we have to close for a longer period of time, we will inform you in time.
Please do not transfer the course fee until the week the course starts. We will inform you in time if a course cannot take place.

A course with Meister Zhang Xiao Ping and Thay Phap An - for beginners and advanced students

Over the long term our way of life often leads to physical blockages and even to severe illnesses.
The three Qi Gong forms of this course will help us to heal body and mind, so that we can once again return to a state of well-being. All the Qi Gong forms of this course are easy to learn and integrate into everyday life.

Finger Qi Gong
These short finger exercises have a prophylactic effect on the whole body and in acute situations, they loosen neck tensions, help with fever, colds, digestive disorders and can alleviate symptoms of chronic diseases. Finger-Qi Gong is also suitable for musicians as well as for people who work at the computer or with their hands, as it improves dexterity and relaxes the hands. Last but not least, the exercises train our ability to think and concentrate.

Hand shaking Qi Gong
This shaking exercise is very well suited to release tensions and blockages, which in turn helps to let go of negative feelings, experiences, injuries and fears. We are freed from superficial distractions and directly "recharged" with fresh energy. At the same time we become calmer, more relaxed and calmer when confronted with the demands of our everyday life.

8 Treasure Qi Gong for good health
This form consists of 8 simple exercises based on the principles of Chinese medicine, teaching on the 5 elements and on the teachings of Yin and Yang. It helps to specifically regulate or activate organ systems. Regular practice promotes breathing, digestion and excretion, blood circulation and the kidney immune system.

The Qi Gong exercises are accompanied by daily meditation and deep relaxation. This stabilizes our mental and physical health and leads to more balance and joy of life.

Please note:
An additional charge is made for this course to cover the fee of Master Zhang Xiao Ping. Please give this directly to the course leader during the course.

Master ZHANG Xiao Ping

Meister ZHANG Xiao Ping

Master ZHANG Xiao Ping, born in Hebei (VR China), student of Master FU, is a great master of the traditional Chinese arts (martial arts, herbal and Chinese medicine). Master ZHANG Xiao Ping has not only mastered forms of physical exercise such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu, but also Buddhist philosophy and teaching. In 1983, Master ZHANG began teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Wushu at the Universit...


Thay Phap An

Thay Phap An

Bhikshu Thích Chân Pháp Ấn is one of the elder disciples of Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh.

He received a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin in 1985. At the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), he received a Master of Science (MS) in Chemical Engineering in 1988 and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 1990. He was a Re...



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