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K17068: THE FAMILY AS SANGHA Retreat for Dutch-speaking families with children between 0 and 12 years

24.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

Course with Tineke Spruytenburg, Brother Phap Xa and other experienced members of the order of Inter-being
Our goal in this retreat is to organize our everyday lives as a Sangha. How can we listen mindfully and get to know each other better? How can we practice together in a playful way? How can we satisfy the many different needs within the family? How can we organize a family to be like a genuine Sangha?
Most activities are offered for the families; but we will also have some separate practice times for adults and children. This year a few Dutch-speaking brothers and sisters will participate in the retreat to support the families and offer their energies and insights.

Retreat language: Dutch.

The lay teacher kindly asks for a donation, see p. XXX.

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Brother Phap Xa

Bruder Phap Xa

Thay Phap Xa is a Dutch monk and Dharma teacher, who has been living and teaching at the EIAB since 2010. He studied and taught mathematics at the university in Enschede (Netherlands), but prefers to concentrate on solutions for a happier and more fulfilled life. Apart from his great interest in the teachings of the Buddha, he enjoys spending his time in contemplation and stillness in the way that...


Tineke Spruytenburg

Tineke Spruytenburg

Tineke Spruytenburg is a qualified teacher and works as a special needs teacher, in addition to which she offers coaching for children, parents and teachers. She has been a member of the Order of Interbeing since 2006 and lived in Plum Village for two years. In 2007 she visited Vietnam with Thay and the four-fold Sangha. In the Netherlands she is helping to create a Sangha for teachers and to orga...



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