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K2005-3: CLOWNING AND THE ART OF MINDFULNESS-Part 2 A weekend with the ‘inner clown’

30.01.2020 - 02.02.2020

A course mit Catherine Bryden und Teri West

Stop, calm down, complete presence in every moment of our life – this is the perfect way to get to know our ‘inner clown’. This clown has nothing to do with the one who performs in the circus. She/he is a free, spontaneous and playful part of you, that can let go of being clever and doing things right all the time – it resembles your Buddha-nature and accepts the world without judgement and comparison.
With the help of play and short improvisations we learn to let go of our urge to control. Mindful breathing, mindful movements and deep listening allow us to develop our ability to live in the present moment – this is the one and only place where we are truly alive.

This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Clowning and the Art of Mindfulness. Please only register if you already have experience of Nose-to-Nose-Clowning and EIAB-Training.

If you have any questions about this retreat, please mail: catherine@nosetonose.info

The teachers kindly ask for a donation. Please give this directly to the teacher during the course. For further information regarding this please refer to page

Teri West
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Catherine Bryden
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