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Hiking retreat in Nepal

20.04.2024 - 28.04.2024 Vorschaubild Kurs 01

20. - 28. April Mardi Himal Trek

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Brother Phap Xa

Bruder Phap Xa

Thay Phap Xa is a Dutch Monk, who ordained in Plum Village in February 2003.
He lives Waldbröl since July 2010. He studied and taught Mathematics and studied Chinese Medicine for a few years.
He offers courses on different topics, like mindful hiking, tea meditation and enjoys the beautiful nature around Waldbröl....


Sister Bang Nghiem

Schwester Bang Nghiem

Sister Bang Nghiem is a Vietnamese nun, who ordained in the year 2006. She lived in Plum Village and now is part of the Sangha in the eiab....


Sister Chinh Nghiem

Schwester Chinh Nghiem

Sister Chinh Nghiem was ordained in Vietnam in the year 2008, lived several years in Plum Village and has lived in the eiab since 2015. She is especially gifted in singing....