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K18118: GROWING IN RELATIONSHIP - How Mindfulness deepens the relationship to ourselves and to others

08.11.2018 - 11.11.2018

Course with Bettina Romhardt

We live in a network of relationships. Our ability to love and to understand is mirrored in the quality of our relationships. If both partners want to grow in a relationship, we need to be awareas well as responsible for our own healing, of our positive, but also our detrimental and negative potentials. We need to commit to be present, honest and caring when we look at our own and each other’s lotus and mud (No mud, no lotus).

Central to the retreat will be the practice of mindfulness: sitting- and walking meditation, eating meditation, deep relaxation, dharma talks, mindful exchanges and periods of noble silence.

Language: German

The instructor kindly asks for a donation; see page XXXXX

Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt

Bettina Romhardt, qualified naturopath, spent five years as a long-term resident with the Plum Village Sangha. In 1995 she became a member of the Order of Interbeing, and in 2004 she was ordained Dharmacharya by Thay. She now lives in Berlin with her son Jonathan and her husband Kai. She offers days of mindfulness, retreats, and classes in mindfulness practice and together with her husband Kai she...



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