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Online Course: The wisdom of Master Linji (Rinzai) - Nothing to do


This online course of 4 sessions is provided by the Dutch brother Phap Xa.

We start each session with a short guided meditation followed by a talk about Master Linji, who was a Buddhist zen monk and spiritual ancestor of our Plum Village tradition.

Zen master Linji (Japanese name: Rinzai) lived and taught in China in the ninth century. He saw many monks studying but making little or no progress on the path of healing and transformation. Therefore, his learning style was very direct and pragmatic. Although he knew the Buddha's teachings very well, he saw that many monks were acquiring far too much knowledge without taking the time to digest and put these teachings into practice.

Master Linji's goal was to help us stop looking outside ourselves and realize that everything we look for can be found in the present moment. Buddha, enlightenment, peace, and happiness can only be found in the here and now. His teaching is a great and valuable gift; a bitter and effective medicine to heal us.

In this series of four Advent Sundays (the last session will actually not be on Sunday, but on Saturday, December 23rd!), we look at the core of his teaching and how we can apply his teaching in our daily lives.

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Brother Phap Xa

Bruder Phap Xa

Thay Phap Xa is a Dutch Monk, who ordained in Plum Village in February 2003.
He lives Waldbröl since July 2010. He studied and taught Mathematics and studied Chinese Medicine for a few years.
He offers courses on different topics, like mindful hiking, tea meditation and enjoys the beautiful nature around Waldbröl....