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K2012-2: NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION AND BUDDHISM – Building on the same foundations

19.03.2020 - 22.03.2020

A course with Roberta Wall

If you connect non-violent communication (NVC) and Buddhist teachings with one another, they open you to the flow of life – both within yourself and in relation to others. Both paths open access and provide depth and insights to the other. They share a common, fertile ground.
In this course we will consider how NVC brings Buddhist principles and values to life, and learn how Buddhist practice can deepen and support our ability to live NVC in everyday life. We will work with the challenges communication presents within the family, the community and around the world. This exploration is intended to help us live in harmony with values such as awareness, compassion, non-violence, acceptance and loving friendliness.
In this course we will learn and practise:
*a simple and stable way to find access to our own presence, *to practise awareness and self-connection in relationships and challenging situations,
*to look at the basic principles of Buddhism and NVC,
*to establish a connection to a community that is interested in making NVC and Buddhism a part of everyday life,
*to practice the Buddhist training of non-harm, loving speech and deep listening,
*to create a culture of compassionate communication.

No previous knowledge or experience is needed for this course.

The teacher kindly asks for a donation. Please give this directly to the teacher during the course. For further information regarding this please refer to page

Roberta Wall

Roberta Wall

Roberta Wall, born in New York, was ordained into the Order of Interbeing in 1997. Since 2004 she has given courses and led retreats on non-violent communication. She is a certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Roberta integrates the Plum Village tradition and non-violent communication into her teachings, her spiritual life and her activities, as well as her everyday life. ...



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