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Sommer-Retreat DE: FEARLESS IN DIFFICULT TIMES – Summer retreat with the nuns and monks from Plum Village and the EIAB

03.08.2020 - 08.08.2020

Insecurity and uncertainty are things we continually encounter in our lives. Nothing lasts, everything changes, be it our health, relationships, our job or the harmonious togetherness in family and society. The climate crisis demonstrates that our human existence and all life on this planet is not something we can take for granted.
What can we do to ensure we don’t get lost in our fears in this challenging time?
The practice of mindfulness shows us a path to deep insights and a life without fear. We can wake up to a sense of being that allows us to live free of fear – committed and in harmony with all other forms of life.

Talks in German and English with translation into German.

Please register at: https://www.eiab.eu/anmeldung-formular-de

Due to the current situation the courses will be open with limitations on room choices:
- Campsites and places for commuters and multi-bed rooms are not available.
- A Single room with or without a private shower will be offered to those who come as a single person.
- Double rooms will be reserved exclusively for couples and those who come from the same household.
- Partly joining in the retreat is not possible