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K17039: WAKE-UP – DEEP INSIGHT, DEEP ECOLOGY A retreat for young people

02.04.2017 - 08.04.2017

with Brother Phap Luu, Brother Yasha, Brother Pham Hanh and other Brothers and Sisters from Plum Village as well as Fleur Baeriswyl, Katharina Hirschsprung and Aurelia Ellett

Let’s wake up together and move from Homo sapiens to Homo conscious. In this one-week-retreat we will come together and reflect on the state of our environment to explore collective awakening and deep ecology.
Inspired by Thay’s new interpretation / translation of the heart-sutra and the diamond-sutra we will look deeply to touch the nature of inter-being.

Course languages: German and English
The teachers kindly ask for a donation, see p. XXXXX.

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Brother Phap Luu

Bruder Phap Luu

Thay Phap Luu, Br. Stream, originates from the USA and was ordained as a monk in 2003. He completed his B.A. in English literature in 1997, and taught English as a foreign language in Madrid. He also worked for 1 year as a teacher in New Haven, CT. In 2011 he received transmission of the lamp from Thay and has taught around the globe. He is active in the Wake Up movement for young people and also ...


Monastics from Plum Village

Monastics of the Plum Village Sangha...



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